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A Complete F-5+ Informative Text Literacy Series
WorldWise is a high-interest literacy program consisting entirely of informative texts covering key topics from pre-school to upper primary. 


  • Develops strategies and skills appropriate to the stage and level of the reader. 
  • Assists in the development of strategies and skills to navigate a range of informational text types. 
  • Promotes inquiry, questioning and research. 
  • Provides opportunities to go beyond the information in the text. 
  • Includes a range of graphical devices that enhance the information in the text. 
  • Has a strong link to writing where students are encouraged to synthesize the information in the text and to respond with their own thinking and ideas. 
  • Promotes reading, thinking and talking at the conceptual level. 
  • Provides Blackline master activities that encourage students to read the text again and support purposeful, independent work. 
  • Recognises the importance of vocabulary in understanding and processing information. 
  • Is linked to Australian Curriculum Science understandings – therefore providing a cross-curricular resource for Science/STEM related topics. 

WorldWise features:

  • Offers teachers flexibility: small group, partner, independent work. 
  • Content that will immediately engage students and reflect the diversity of the world students live in. 
  • Links to the science curriculum (natural, physical and earth sciences). 
  • Each title has a focus on a particular reading comprehension strategy. 
  • Graphical devices and striking photographs to support the content and provide platforms for the teaching of reading comprehension of non-continuous texts. 
  • A variety of text types. 

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