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Program Components

The resource is a literacy series consisting entirely of informative texts for Foundation – Year 5+. The program offers a comprehensive resource for teachers to support students’ development of strategies and skills, appropriate to the stage and level of the reader.

There are 122 student books for Foundation – Year 5+ students. Each title is linked to Australian Curriculum Science understandings – therefore providing a cross-curricular resource. The series also provides a strong link to Writing including templates (Argument, Report, Explanation, Recount) for planning and responding with students’ own thinking and ideas.

There are Lesson Plans supporting each title, that provide practical teacher support for systematic, easy-to-implement instruction, assessment and follow up activities, along with graphic organisers linking directly to each reading strategy.

The web-based investigations provide extension activities to encourage further exploration of the content covered in the student books.

Students will develop strategies and skills to read informative texts across a range of text types while they learn to become informative text writers.


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